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Medical negligence is most often referred to as "medical 
malpractice." When a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional has caused harm instead of helping, many of us want answers. 


At Speed + King, Laurie Speed & Michelle King provide answers to their clients who want to understand why a serious injury has occurred in the medical setting. Although not all complications or bad results mean that there is a medical malpractice case, most of their clients are satisfied to have someone take the time to review their case and explain what occurred. 


If medical malpractice did occur, Speed + King is uniquely qualified to help patients and their families receive financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other losses caused by the negligent medical care. Laurie Speed & Michelle King have successfully tried, negotiated and settled a large 
volume of medical malpractice cases. They are skillful trial attorneys with experience in helping people who have suffered the heartbreaking effects of:


• Misdiagnosis

• Improperly administered anesthesia

• Delayed diagnosis

• Surgical mistakes

• Birth injuries

• Nursing errors

• Falls

• Bedsores

• Retained foreign objects

• Emergency Room errors

• Medication errors

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